The de-commoditization of food sourcing

Helping businesses deliver differentiated quality 

From traditional food and beverages products to innovative

plant-based protein solutions, we help agri-food supply chain companies reach consumers that care about quality.

The rise of the consumer

“The biggest food conglomerates in the world are taking heed and listening to the demands of consumers – and they realize that they need to make enormous, systemic changes in order to stay competitive”

Ahmed Rahim, Founder & CEO, Numi Organic Tea

The key issues facing the Food Supply Chain

“Agriculture is moving from a commodity business to an ingredients business”


“Wheat quality is not meeting the requirements of highly automated, modern baking plants”


“Clean labels now surpass brand recognition in importance for consumers when purchasing food”


“Consumers are happy to pay more for food or drinks made with ingredients they recognize and trust”


“Products need to be relevant to retain brand loyalty at the consumer level”

The common theme above is the need for

and this is what we do

CONTEXT is an AI-driven, cloud-hosted solution that analyses, measures, monitors and correlates the quality measures for specific crop requirements – such as the type of wheat that will be used for bread but not pizza - against external contributing factors that impact the ability to produce the required quality grade.

By evaluating the impact that external factors may have on crop quality, we can drive improved field and management practices towards delivering a product that meets the specific needs of the customer and the consumer.


For each crop type and for each variety and hybrid, there is a unique CONTEXT quality assurance recipe that aligns the quality parameters needed to meet the needs of the final customer, whether it is a brewing company, a malting company, a food processor or a cooperative.

The CONTEXT recipac methodology develops client-specific quality assurance recipes that can be used consistently over a wide range of contracted and uncontracted farm fields. 


This assures a systematic, predictable and consistent approach to controlled and managed quality along the entire supply chain to create a high-quality end product that meets the needs of the consumer.


CONTEXT takes a modular approach to quality management.

An AI-driven, cloud-hosted, enterprise-level framework that fuses together quality, financial, and operational actions across the entire supply chain.

Quality-based analytics that correlate desired technical and functional specifications with the underlying operational aspects of producing a crop.

Grower-based analytics that identify the corrective actions a grower can take to improve profitability and increase quality.


who we are

Aglytix has been developing advanced analytics since 2013 and the Aglytix management team has many years of experience in running successful companies in the food production sector and in many other industries both regionally and internationally.


Inventor of more than 50 patents; Entrepreneur & Investor

Named as one of the top ten most influential people in CRM

Grew up on a Minnesota farm

  • B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, NDSU

  • CWC – Start up to $100M revenue & IPO

  • Aglytix – Innovated food supply chain through data science

  • Ten Rivers – Private investment company

CEO & Founder

Jerry Johnson


Entrepreneur, Executive Leader & Investor

Global experience executing the development of business models, partnerships, and technologies

  • B.A. in Finance and MIS, Augsburg College

  • Founded and led Brazilian Greenfield, MUB Brasil Nutricao, a mfg. of cattle supplementation technology (raised $19.8M)

  • Director of business development for Ridley Inc, $550M ag-company

  • Private equity experience - $130M invested capital


Matt Lessard   

George Lindsay 1 colour (1)_edited.jpg

​George is an international businessman with extensive senior management experience

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland

  • 10+years, Caterpillar, worldwide

  • CWC - VP and General Manager, Mankato and Amsterdam

  • SAPIN - CEO, Saudi Arabia

  • Aglytix - COO, Mankato and Scotland

COO Europe

George Lindsay

Our Technology

Aglytix has a rich portfolio of intellectual property and patents to drive the advanced algorithms that create its powerful and valuable analytics.


Focused on offering platform-neutral solutions for our clients, we offer API capability, permitting a wide range of uses for the final analytics according to the specific need of each client.



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