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Aglytix announces CONTEXT for the agri-food business

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Digital Transformation of Food Sourcing

Aglytix has been developing technologies for improving agricultural performance for many years and is pleased to launch its new CONTEXT solution developed for improved product quality along the entire supply chain.

Context is an AI driven, cloud-hosted solution that analyses, measures, monitors

and correlates quality metrics against external factors that may adversely affect the ability of crops to be grown to specification,a critical factor required to meet clean label product production.

The clean label revolution has forced the entire food supply chain to reconsider how they grow, store, process, transport and sell to a more demanding customer.

Context helps businesses, along the entire supply chain, achieve and exceed their product quality specifications, and deliver differentiated quality to their clients.

CONTEXT uses AI modelling to:

  • Predict the probability of a crop reaching its targeted quality specifications.

  • Identify the root causes to help remedy or mitigate for issues that prevent these targeted quality specifications being met.

  • Create options for improved economic management throughout the supply chain.

  • Provides the opportunity to execute premiumization strategies for higher margins and market penetration.

Jerry Johnson, CEO of Aglytix, is very upbeat about the application of CONTEXT throughout the food supply chain;

“The benefits from the farmer are improved tools to create an environment for growing a consistently high-quality crop, leading to them achieving more premium pricing for their crops.

For the originator and grain wholesaler, the benefits are clearly in their ability to offer a certified product that has a guaranteed high quality. This will drive higher margins through the distribution channels.

For millers and maltsters, the benefits of having a consistently guaranteed product will improve their manufacturing efficiencies and drive down inventory holding costs.

And the food processor can confidently develop products that meet the needs of the consumer and create a more diverse range of high value products. This is true premiumization for quality.”

Johnson expects CONTEXT to be widely adopted as a standard quality certification model going forward and is working with several other technologies to expand integration throughout the sector.

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